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i love chocolate. in fact i think i am genuinely addicted. i have a king sized mars bar for breakfast and then various other confectionary delights througout the day.

and we always have a couple of massive bars of chocolate in the house for me. the girls aren't really that bothered by it.

so i decided yesterday to give up chocolate to save money, my teeth and my health.

i plan to be chocolate bar free for 3 weeks. that's the time it takes to kick a habit according to a random page i found on the internet. it wil be the mornings when i miss it most.

last night i watched as the girls ate the remains of my household chocolate store:


Aravis said:

I really enjoy your site. It's fun seeing the world through your eyes! *G* I can understand both your love for chocolate and your need to stop consuming it. I have been trying to cut sugar out of my diet. There's some wonderful sugar-free chocolates out on the market now, though, which taste the same as regular. Though we aren't in the same countries (I'm in the US), I imagine you might be able to obtain some from here or discover the equivalent there. I like Russel Stover's, Sorbee and Este brands. Hershey's also makes some sugar-free chocolates as well.

Good luck!

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

thanks aravis. i've decided i should also give up the taste of chocolate. i think it must be psych-o-logical (emphasise the 'o' please) so if i can avoid anything chocolately that will be a good thing.

i had a banana this morning instead.

perhaps once i'm free from confecto-badness i'll search out your suggestions.

i gave up alcohol for a year once and near the end tried alcohol free lager and it actually tasted quite nice, so perhaps that's the way to go.

michelle said:

oh dear. no chocolate? i don't think i could manage with that. i keep a box of "chocolatey-coated" viva puffs in my office drawer (they're "cookies" with a graham wafer bottom, a smidgen of a "jam" or jelly-type substance, and a marshmallow on top, coated with what they call a "chocolatey" coating.

my gramma used to always buy carob chips, they're like chocolate chips but not chocolate. they're actually pretty good. especially stolen from the fridge when no one is looking...

L.E.C. said:

After downing yet anoher little box of chocolate almonds for the third day in a row, i know its time to give up chocolate for a little while, its getting rediculous. i dont even enjoy it that much when I gorge myself on it.
its nice knowing others are trying to do the same.

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