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i saw ricky gervais yesterday morning whilst walking to a meeting.

A bit later at the meeting one of my colleauges who also works nearby said he sees him most days. and he's a regular Denis Norden spotter too.

ricky gervais
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Feisty Girl said:

Oh MY GOOOOOOODNESS!!! What did you say to him?!?

funkypancake said:

it was a bit weird as for a start he was the only person walking down an otherwise empty street. he was on the other side of the road so i crossed over and said "hello. can i take your photo please" ?

he said yes then swayed sideways slightly making focussing quite tricky. unfortunately i'd got my flash on so he's turned out looking like a wax-work.

i said "i'm sure everyone tells you this but i really admire your work" (how cringey is that !).

he said "thanks a lot"

then we both walked off in different directions.

Odd Job Pete said:

Your encounter may well feature in his next stand-up routine

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