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i'm staying in an old monastry. i thought it'd be all churchy, but the bit i'm in is a mid-70s annex so not quite as nice. however, it is a massive room with a ceiling higher than the room is wide.

and it's got its own kitchen. this is the first hotel i've stayed in where they give you a cooking hob, pans and washing up sink.

they also denied they had any Internet access, saying i needed to use the phone line. but then i had a wifi snoop and found this a free spot.

lucky us - that means fresh content for all !



Chloe said:

hooray for small kitchens and fresh content!

Tim's dad's Pete's son Tim said:

Also for kitchen content and fresh smalls!

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

i've decided it's not a hotel room, it's a bed sit.

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