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these new steam powered buses are good fun. here is a view of one from the window of a 1st floor brazilian cafe where the staff were very friendly and the food was excellent and cheap.



here's a picture of a steam bus going under Tower Bridge


BW said:

That's a hydrogen fuel cell bus? I didn't realize those engines were in production yet. They put out water vapor for exhaust, right? I thought for sure we would be using some kind of bio-diesel for a few years before they got the fuel cells to be practical. This is great news!

Matts said:

Correct on all counts. Us Brick Laners (well, the observant ones) see them on Whitechapel High Street regularly.

They put out an impressive plume of water vapour on acceleration and are very much quieter than their diesel counterparts.


funkypancake said:

i knew i could rely on you to clarify the technical details.

Alext said:

Yep, seen it before, even taken it ;) Looks a bit disturbing at first though :D

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