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i KNEW it was gong to be a celebrity day today. i may have seen posh spice (david beckham's wife for those who don't know who she is, but then you might not know who he is either, and i can't say that's a bad thing). i would say it was a 5% chance of being her (ie not very likely).

then i saw barbara windsor again on the way back to the station in the evening:

then as i continued my journey after a while i saw some massive lights which indicating filming, so like a moth i went closer to inspect them (i did it for you readers). it was apparently a woody allen (see article)

and behind this very window he is making a film. i know this because some local residents were standing next to me complaining that he had stolen their parking spaces. she called woody something quite shocking which i won't share with you.


here's the building. people on the first floor and an old lady on the 2nd floor look out at what's going on:

then, on the train, it only turns out i used to know the lawyer who is representing Libertines singer Pete Doherty (see here). i've not seen him for a while so it was a shock to see his name up there with the stars !

and finally, i think i walked past Richard E Grant a couple of weeks back. probably 80% chance of it actually being him.

(celebrity round up finished)


mase said:

What part of London do you walk through to see so many special people?

marylebone high street is quite rich pickings for celebrity spotting

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