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my meeting/reception thing in whitehall finished around 8.30pm. as i came out i noticed the amazing summer evening sun shining on the houses of commons. i spent the next half an hour wandering round taking pictures of this amazing thing. hope you like.

DSC04446.jpg DSC04449.jpg


Darren said:

Number 2 is very cool. The others are also good of course. :-)

mase said:

I agree, I also like the 4th pic inside the phone box :D

BW said:

Nothing like a setting sun to warm up things. I love all four shots!

I also like things with long exposures, like this one: http://wvs.topleftpixel.com/archives/photos_textures/040616_677.shtml
There is something about a long exposure shot that I love. I wish my camera did them.

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