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i spotted this thing on the floor this morning in a rather posh street. I suspect it might be quite valuable as it has some stamp on the metal and the jewel looks fancy.

but i know nothing about that kind of thing so it's probably not worth anything. i left it on some railings in case the owner comes back to look for it.

DSC04225.jpg DSC04227.jpg


mase said:

Precious things!

andrew said:

Better to take it to the police, I'd say. If it's not claimed after a certain period, it's yours.

funkypancake said:

i thought about that, but not until i got to my office. i doubt it will still be there on friday when i next walk past it

andrew said:

Looks like you'll to review regulatory documents for a few more years then...

andrew said:

Missing word: have

funkypancake said:

you make it sound like regulatory documents aren't the most exciting thing in the world ?

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