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it's the local and euro elections today. i'm working from home so took an hour out to pick up esther from school and wander down to vote. writing documents is boring, but at least you can be flexible with how you arrange your day.

anyway, here is this year's voting story:

esther and my registration card:

last year there was no golf allowed. this year, thanks to a venue change, there were all sorts of additional entertainments (as if putting an 'x' in a box on a piece of paper wasn't entertaining enough):

here is the mobile voting booth. they wouldn't let me take a photo of my voting slip, so i didn't:

after all that hard work, esther and i went in to the pub for cokes and crisps before heading home:


dave said:

Well done for voting! In Scotland, we were only voting for the Euro-election, and it was a very quiet day at the polls.

If you don't vote ..... don't complain!

funkypancake said:

i was once approached by a grungy-punk fellow when i was a student in sheffield. he said "are you going to vote today mate" and i said "dunno"

he said "well, don't vote mate. that's a vote for anarchy".

in the distance i heard a penny drop and decided to vote whenever i was given the opportunity !

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