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jane has the gift of hospitality as can be seen in this photo,

Richard, along with his wife julia and daughter bethany, stayed the night at our house. Richard and Julia slept on the inflatable bed which takes about an hour of manual labour to inflate. By the time i had finished i was ready for bed.

Depending on what you think the photo looks like then it's not what you think it looks like. it's actually jane and richard checking whether there is enough air in the bed.

you'll be pleased to know there was.



michelle said:

i have never seen a double air-bed like that one. only single ones. we usually use them in swimming pools.

funkypancake said:

we've very civilised in europe you know !

Tony said:

Jane has never extended such hospitality to me - most disappointed :-(

funkypancake said:

that's because we refuse to let you stay overnight ...

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