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have you noticed the trend for spam to include random nouns ? i just got one with the subject line which includes "exorcist fireproof buttercup lacquer"

but what use those random nouns ? it seems a shame to delete all those spams when they've obviously been sent especially to my email account by someone who genuinely thinks i want to buy their product (i don't, but the spammer doesn't know that).

So, i propose that you print them out and use them for your name game of spam charades.

we'll need to work on this idea together a bit more.

for starters, what is the indicator which the performer has to do to indicate that the thing they are miming is a Spam ? If you can describe it, i'll try miming it and take a photo to add to this entry (which is currently photoless)


Tony said:

Geek alert!

Spammers add random words - usually to the plain/text part of a multipart/alternate message, or in hidden text in HTML messages - to try and fool bayesian spam filters, but with little success.

End geek alert.

funkypancake said:

so what's the gesture for a geek ?

Tony said:

I'm doing it now - can't you see?

funkypancake said:

photo please !

Tony said:

Just think of a green hat and dark glasses.

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