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here is a designer unique mini. and it's designer unique mini twin. there's another one in an adjacent street, but i would have had to move a few houses to get all three in the same shot. so i didn't.



Matts said:

One of these was parked up near Marylebone station for a while a few months ago. Don't know how many there actually are in total...

Tim's dad's Pete's son Tim said:

There's another one just behind it......

googleking said:

There are 350 of them (http://www.foxtons.co.uk/foxtons/foxtons_mini_cooper.html). I believe 329 of them to be parked at night between Fulham and Barons Court, you would easily get a picture with about 10 of them in. It seems that any time anyone sells a flat in that area, Foxtons staff snap it up.

funkypancake said:

wow. great link. thanks !

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