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i just walked past top UK comedy marvel Simon Pegg. He's one of my favourite comedians and has been doing a very funny show on XFM for the last four Fridays. His masterpiece was Spaced (the spaced website is superb!)

I wasn't sure if it was him or not so i said "simon pegg ?" in a loud and questioning voice. he confirmed and i asked permission (which was granted) to take my photo which i then did. marvellous.


update: i now get lots of visitors to this site from people googling for "simon pegg". if that's you then welcome !

Go and see Shaun of the Dead (which is very good though my wife thought it a little gruesome - but that's zombie's for you) and/or get the Spaced box set and relive the moments.

meanwhile, make yourself at home.


Annie Mole said:

Kewell - I've blogged your spot, as I was recently talking about the tube poster for his new film


Annie said:

Recently saw a live commentary screening of Shaun Of The Dead @ Prince Charles cinema in Leicester Square. Simon was there, as well as Nick Frost, Edgar Wright (phwoar!) and Lucy Davis.

Their commentary was very very funny, and it was so cool to see that they were hanging out like normal people and not getting all celebrity like on us. They wandered around before the show talking to people, hanging out in stairwells and drinking lager with the masses. It was kind of like spending the evening with your uni mates just talking rubbish. Anyway, I totally agree with you, SOTD is bloody hilarious and definately in my top 10 of favourite movies. Your wife is mad, the zombies were the best part :)


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