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i get some great comments from people on the blog and i thank you all (except the spammers).

i occasionally get comments which should read "i've been given some homework by my teacher. can you do it for me please".

one such appeared today here. Poor Nishan obviously just googled for "car show rooms" (i'm the second and third choice!).

So, if you are willing, could you all draw me a picture of a car, together with some random sports car facts and i'll compile a dossier for him.

let's harvest the power of the Internet together.

send them to the following email address homeworkhelp@funkypancake.com


update: results here


cheryl said:

let him do his own homework. really dave, you'll be helping him more by not helping him.

funkypancake said:

but where's the fun in that !

i said:

1. docile: being very easy to control or persuade

2. malleable: being very easy to bend or work with

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