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here is a mysterious key hole on a Central Line platform (Bank i think). It's a door in the floor. but it's more than a door in the floor. it's also got a key hole.

it's obviously an entrance to another world. it's not a parallel world because the door is the wrong angle. perhaps it's a perpendicular world instead ?

DSC09875.jpg DSC09876.jpg


Annie Mole said:

Obviously the entrance to London Below

Have you ever read or seen Neverwhere


patrick said:

it looks small.. is it?And from Bank?It's prolly
DirectLine for gnomes to Zurich.

Stark said:

I find that disturbing. Probably because I use that station a lot and probably because I've always thought there were things down there. Or is that known.

Matts said:

Damn - here was me thinking I was going to be original by posting a Neverwhere reference!

el sombrero said:

You're wrong; that's where they lock the people who don't buy tickets.

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