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remember laura who cut her finger in a dramatic office accident incident ? well, apparently she's going to appear on The Salon this evening on Channel 4 at 6pm.

She's being sprayed orange. Will she mention the accident which nearly destroyed her receptioning career ?


not sure if i'll get home in time to see it. if i don't, please be my eyes and let me know what you see.

Laura did not appear on the program and refused to make an official comment.

Instead she said: "I think you should act as my spokesperson as i'm far to famous. Please explain that only Ade and Leo's clients were featured as they are up for eviction this week."

I can only apologise to anyone who had to sit through the program last night. If it's any consolation, i know what you went through !


Bunty Hoven said:

Will Odd-Job Pete also be visiting the Salon?

funkypancake said:

spraying laura orange didn't get on the program, so i suspect restyling pete would have even less chance of appearing.

i was thinking of becoming a hair dresser, but didn't think i could cut it. too many overheads.

dave said:

The salon program was a (let's say) whole new experience. Almost as awful as the one about keeping folk awake for yours and have us counting their yawns.

funkypancake said:

bring back the test card, the national anthem and the little white dot i say.

elton said:

when people say they don't watch much T.V.,be aware that they might just watch the top right hand corner a lot!

david said:

My children simply don't believe me when I tell them that TV used to stop in the evenings, and there was nothing 'till Play School at around 10.30 the next morning. Also, there were only three channels until 1982 or so when Channel 4 started. You hardly see the testcard these days, though "pages from ceefax" is the modern substitute I suppose. The white dot has gone - but isn't there a white dot preservation society?

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