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it's day 8 of the amazing hair growing cat

i suspect we are reaching about the limit of the fur growth now, though i have no evidence to suggest the rate of growth is slowing. i'm just a little scared about what might happen next.

i'm a bit duff at macro photography, but here is my attempt. i've tried a few different lighting positions so you can appreciate the fuzzyness of the hair.

click for big versions


michelle said:

the suspense of what this cat is going to look like when it's done is nearly killing me.

:) great pics. i especially like the one on the top right. you should photoshop the lamp out of it though, then it would look like you are an amazing lighting guru and we wouldn't know of your "duff"ness.

Annie Mole said:

It's getting too scary.

I think it's going to grow into a snow leopard or a cougar or something similar

david said:

how can you live with such a sinister object? it is really seriously creepy.

Feisty Girl said:

Very artistic!

Andreas said:

How does it taste?

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