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rarely a day goes by in the modern office without some minor disaster of some sort. despite insolating ourselves in cotton wool as per the health and safety rules and regulation we occasionally manage to injure ourselves.

today, it was the turn of receptionist Laura to become mangled by the paper shredder. upon hearing of her injury i instantly put the first aid procedure in to place and phoned our first aid warden called Pete.

He ran up the stairs, inspected the damage and then applied a plaster to the very small paper cut.

pete had a very good bedside manner and returned to check on laura 5 minutes later.

luckily everything turned out fine, but i shudder to think what could have happened if i hadn't been there to phone pete ...

DSC08723.jpg DSC08724.jpg
DSC08725.jpg DSC08726.jpg


Feisty Girl said:

Pete looks like a man on a mission!

skepticult said:

Danger lurking around every corner...

Goldie said:

Might forward this one on to our health and safety reps - Pete sets a very good example.

Paulie B said:

Are you sure Pete isn't a swimming coach - i think he might have coached me on my "i can swim one width badge"

Pete said:

I wasn't aware that coaches could swim. I suppose they would float for a while if you kept the windows shut.
Anyway, it wasn't me.

Odd Job Pete

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