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Bobbins is another word for rubbish. Spool is another word for bobbin. you spool through an audio or video tape to skip the rubbish bits. a skip is also something you put rubbish in. bobbins is another word for rubbish. and so it goes on.



Alex Sideburns said:

Frank Sidebottom originated the use of the word bobbins for rubbish as far as I know, and used it to great effect in his "Robbins aint bobbins" song about Altrincham AFC.

Yes they were.

I used to live down the road and wasnt often disturbed by cheering as goals went in. Sorry specialist topic...

funkypancake said:

for which you need specialist attention !

Texas T-Bone said:

There are some less fortunate people in America who use old spools as coffee tables.

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