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here is beauty in pollution. the colours were amazing


update: here's one i found a few months later in the same spot.


skepticult said:

I bet if you drank from it they would get even MORE amazing.

funkypancake said:

are you suggesting i would product my own multicolour pavement pizza or that it would give me 'special vision' ?

Grahame said:

Both probably. I think you should have got a milk bottle and collected some of the stuff. In fact I think you should collect all the gloves and hats you photograph as well and keep them in a cabinet connected to a webcam.

funkypancake said:

are you crazy man ? actually, i am going to get my own office at work in a few weeks and was wondering what to do with it, so maybe i should set my desk up outside the door and use the office itself to store my finds in ?

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