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it's quite easy to spot which hotel Bush's people are staying in. It's the dozens of police in flourescent jackets at the front of the hotels, the multitude of black cars with black windows, the odd stretched limo (!) and piles of very big blokes in very big suits standing around trying to look natural ! Usually there is nothing but a doorman and the odd taxi.

here is some rubbish i found in the street. i'm sure there's a story behind it. maybe there's an urban legend that if you mix beer and toothpaste you get high or something ? i'm sure 14 years olds would believe that !



skepticult said:

The toothpaste is to prepare for the drive home, and the inevitable consultation with the local police.

skepticult said:

On reading this for a second time, my brain interpreted it as "Where's Bush's Onions."

funkypancake said:

you speak like you are a man who's tried the old toothpaste and beer trick.

where's bush's onions is much better. even better better would be:

where's bush's onion's apostrophe.

Texas T-Bone said:

Beer doesn't taste so good if you drink it right after brushing your teeth.

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