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it was very very wet walking in to work this morning. i took my glasses off so i could see better which sort of worked.

this was a mysterious site. a bit like crop circles, only with leaves and on the road.


i suspect that there is some demarkation thing going on between the pavement cleaners and the road cleaners. it's the thawny subject of 'gutter edge ownsership'

pavement cleaners are probably responsible for the pavement and up to half a metre in to the road (to make sure the gutter is cleared). Road cleaners are responsible for the road, which for their pursposes starts half a metre from the gutter edge.

However, there seems to be one of two problems going on here:

1) there is a calibration problem and the pavement / street cleaners measurements are undermeasured

2) the pavement cleaners are measuring the distance from the pavement side of the kerb stone whilst the street cleaners are measuring it from the road side, leaving a gap the size of the kerb stones in the road.

perhaps there are other explanations ...


Texas T-Bone said:

Or maybe it's an artistic statement about leaves.

funkypancake said:

you could be right. i do hope so

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