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it's official. no more wispas.


i phoned Cadbury's today to find out where the Wispas have gone. It turns out THEY HAVE STOPPED MAKING THEM ! the last ones were produced at the end of August 2003.

I was informed that they had been replaced by Dairy Milk Bubbly, which is nearly the same thing. Dairy Milk is Cadbury's flag ship product and they have decided that the Wispa should be rolled in to that family.


So no more 'velvety textured milk chocolate'. instead it's now just 'bubbly'.

I went in search of the last remaining Wispas which are working their way through the newsagent shelves. i was prepared for a long search through the backstreets of london, but found my favourite local newsagents on charlotte street had a few in stock:

DSC07865.jpg DSC07866.jpg

The bubbly dairy milk hasn't the same crunch as the old wispa. this is mostly due to its lack of girth (bubbly left, velvety right):


i remember queuing up to get my wispas as a teenager from my old school tuckshop which intriguingly operated out of the science block windows

and so another part of history dies ...


Brother Edd said:

Next you willbe ringing the people that make special brew and asking them why its sooooo special

Feisty Girl said:

I prefer a good Time Out myself. I loved those little machines in the tube stations...

You know, I have a Brit import store here in town. i bet she has some of your fair wispas...but how weird would that be for me to mail YOU some British imports?!? Okay...one again...amusing myself.

Andrew said:

Gone the way of the Nutty Bar and CurlyWurly...

funkypancake said:

i'm sure you can still get curlywurlies.

Andrew said:

Bring back Wispas. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

Geoff Rhodes said:

We went to Cadbury's World on Saturday.
We did notice the lack of Wispa Bars, but we were given free curly wurlies. (Half the size they used to be).
But I'd forgotton how poor their chocolate is.
Green & Blacks is so much better and fairly traded too.

funkypancake said:

cadbury choc is not poor ! hoorah for cadbury's i say.

sorry to hear about your diddy wurly.

fair traded choc is probably just a psychological improvement. go beyond the ethics and taste the choc !

Fi said:

I miss Lion Bars...and Tescos finest Belgian Chocolate Puddings (slightly off the subject-sorry). My husband misses Fry's Chocolate Peppermint bars and Bourneville chocolate..

Geoff Rhodes said:

Its not just the fairly traded bit its the fact that the cocoa fat content is higher and therefore not so sickly.
But then I always was more interested in the detail.

lorna said:

Well who remembers Opal Fruits - I hear you cry! I have an original packet thats locked away in my safe for the grandchildren. And marathons.

dave said:

remember the zen-like Wispa strapline?

"Bite it and believe it"

funkypancake said:

i miss them SO much. sob ;-(

pete said:

www.aquarterof.co.uk .... simply brilliant

Maureen Watson said:

Bring back the Wispa - pllllease.........

Sarah said:

I miss Wispas too :( The new Bubbly just isn't the same. Do you remember the Wispa gold? Mmmm!! And didn't they used to have Ghryf Rhys Jones and Hugh Laurie doing the adverts?

Alan said:

Alas it is not only the demise of the fantastic Wispa that we must mourn but also that of the Fuse. Given the new branding, I daresay the idea of Cadburys Dairy Milk with fudge, raisins, biscuit and rice was a bit too much to fit on a label! Not only have Fuses disappeared from Heroes but they have disappeared from most shops too. If you find any buy them up before they disappear!

bambi said:

It's a conspiracy if you ask me....multinational marketing gone mad. They think they can get us to buy 'new' chocolate bars but we're not fooled! Take Flake Dipped for example....it's a Twirl only you get 50%less for your money! Wasn't the whole point of Flake that it was made of flaky chocolate? If you don't end up with half of it on your t-shirt it's NOT A FLAKE! Why don't they LEAVE IT ALONE or bring back some of those limited edition sweeties that were really good?...White chocolate smarties and Secret bars for example!

Colin Berry said:

Thank you Bambi! And while we are going on about the stupidity of killing off quality chocolatey stuff does anyone remember the Safeway Triple Chocolate Cheesecake - a champion dessert back in the 90s. I am yet to find such a perfect pud, but of course because it was so good they had no choice but to kill it off! What fantastic sense that made. I feel our world is a worse place without it, and pity those who never got to try what was perfection in a foil dish! sob!

Fat Reg said:

I've been looking for a Fuse bar for several months now, and wondered why there weren't any. I just assumed that they were so tasty that the shops sold out quickly... sadly it seems the public are a fickle bunch. Only eight years ago, Fuse was the biggest success ever for Cadbury ( see the "Learning" section at www.cadbury.co.uk for the glowing praise they heap upon themselves for a mega launch that resulted in the biggest selling chocolate bar in the UK...) and now? Gone!

Bring back Fuse and Wispa!

funkypancake said:

that's really sad. i never really got in to the fuse, but i think they had a lot of potential.

perhaps we should take a leaf out of the micro-brewery concept and start micro chocolate factories and make our own confectionary ?

Fat Reg said:

Hold on! Hold on! Went into my local shop today and there was a whole section of Fuse bars! Either they haven't stopped making them (oh please, let it be so...) or the cash and carry still had some left, but as they haven't stocked them in the shop for months, perhaps they live on!

jen said:

yeah fuck the wispa... it's the same as the bubbly, it's the wispa gold and more importantly the wispa gold that i am concerned about. the lion bar still exists so whoever said they don't has be chocolate shopping with their eyes closed. the real tragedy is the 'secret' bar. i cant remember who it was made by, but it was truely immense and the mother of all chocolate bars. if anyone knows who made it i would be so damn grateful. and cabury astros. they were good.

kelly said:


Ria Taylor said:

Wispa's where so so fine, how can we go about getting them to sell them again, as it looks like they are well loved mm mmmm

lou said:

Remember the chocolate bars called seceret i loved them they were magic wish they would bring them back. And moments they were superb

Greg Davies said:

imagine my excitement when i realised that the vender at work sold wispa gold's... but this was short lived, for it turns out that they have restocked the vender and replaced the wispa gold's with a 'brunch bar' (yeh i've never heard of one either) so thankyou to the lazy 'vender filler upper' who couldn't change the wispa gold picture for a brunch bar picture... if you are the culprit please contact me and i will send you the bill for my councelling sessions. x

funkypancake said:

i nearly got caught with something similar. i thought i'd found Wispas on A Quarter Of, but it's actually Dairy Milk Bubblies.

the shame of it. and i thought A Quarter Of knew their stuff when it came to sweets.


Sarah and Elena said:

We want the wispa back!!! :(
The bubbly jus isnt the same. We wanna start a petition to bring bk the wispa!

Lucy said:

I miss wispas-how can they call Bubblies a replacement-they taste nothing like them!

eccles said:

The Wispa. Replaced by an inferior product.

This has happened to many other products, they have either disappeared, or been replaced with a product which is not as good as the original. Check out http://www.bringitback.info and join the ever growing band of consumers who want to Bring It Back.

Start a campaign.

karen and teresa said:

me and my sister were sat there on boxing day night and it suddenly dawned on us that wispas had become extinct, as have tab clear,mountain dew,and ringos (crisps like massive hula hoops), but what we were really concerned about was the WISPA GOLD how dare they get rid of our beloved wispa gold, the caramel just made that plain old wispa that bit more special it was simply Lush. Cadburys are cutting there nose off to spite there face as far as getting rid of all these things are concerned. WE DEMAND THEY BRING BACK THE WISPA COLLECTION NOW THE FOOLS.we are off now to find a petiton to sign.

John said:

I agree! Wispa MUST be brought back! I've written to Cadbury, you must do the same! There's a link on my page. Thank you for bringing it to the public's eye! Let's hope we can break them down!

phil said:

If you like the sweeter things in life then have a look at http://www.sweetstall.com and get all the best sweets delivered to your doorstep

funkypancake said:

not sure if that last comment was a spam advert or a genuine person being helpful - so i decided to post it anyway.

apologies to Phil if he's a real person and not a blog spam-bot !

kaz said:

i have actually managed to find a shop in mitcham surrey that sells cheese and onion ringos!!!!!!!!!! however has any body noticed that time outs have disapeared and caramels have also gone they have been replaced by the dairy milk wafer and the dairy milk caramel im sorry guys but it just aint the same i demand that they bring back chocs in there proper form not disguised as a stupid boring dairy milk, sorry guys it does nothing for me!!!!

Kevin said:

Bring back wispa's there the best ever and sadly will never see the light of day again. Well not if we have our way BRING THEM BACK !! And there are really cutting there nose off why dont there just bring them back then there will make more money. Also has anyone noticed that The Cadbuy Caramel has gone. There have now replaced it with Cadbury dairy milk with caramel. It seems the same but come on Cadbury's what are you doing? Im gonna go to my local MP and get a potition started so keep an eye out for it. Also if you read the sun or the mirror then keep an eye out for it to apear in it too. Hope i can start a Sun campaign.


Sophi_Linzi said:

Bring bak wispas we enjoyed chokin on them! Linzi n Soph xx

kaz said:

i agree wiv kev, we should get on to the sun and demand they be brought back, cadburys need to sort there prioritys out i have emailed them and voiced my opinion i urge u all to do the same!!!!!!!!!
make your opinion count if enough of us do it then we may get our beloved sweets back!!!!!!!!

Mark said:

Find me someone or somewhere who have wispas in stock :) i want to buy ALOT of them

Laura said:

Go to this website and voice your concerns to Cadbury that the Bubbly just isn't the same as the big chunky wispa - and tell them we are boycotting it.


Spud_Hed said:

secret bars were made by cadbury, the packet was gold and purple and they were the single greatest chocolate bar ever created, a pox upon whoever decided to stop production, although i heard a rumour a few days ago from a mate that they are still on sale in ireland

chan said:

have lion bars really gone? i know time outs haven't, my mum buys big pack of snack size ones's every week. don't like waht cadbury's are doing...dairy milk plus caramel/bubble etc. and the secret...oooohhh
and how about piglets?? and Puffs? we need to find or recreate!

robbiati11 said:

I've been wondering about wispas for a while but now your wonderful page has broken the terrible news. The bubbly looks crap. Bring back wispas!

stella said:

i still remember the day it dawned on me that my little friend the wispa had gone bye bye. the guy in my local shop smuggly expained the new "improved" cadbury's range to me and of course like the rest of you i was a bit puzzled. what the? wispa? gone? forever? i dident see THAT ONE coming. i used to eat a wispa mint a day at school. they were so yummy when they melted in your mouth with a cup of coffee. r.i.p wispa gone but not forgotten. i still have my wispa mug......... sob. CADBURY YOU SELFISH B****D. did you even take a national pole?? eh? cadbury's roses aint as good as they were either. remember the mini bournvile bars? ive lost my faith. oh wispa! in the words of Take That "i want u back 4 good..."

WispaLover said:


RAVEN Author Profile Page said:

yup wispa lover... sad but true, i suggest snickers from now on

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

the other alternatives would be a chunky kitkat, or the wispa's poor cousin - the aero.

Woodsy said:

Well guys, your plan worked cos Cadbury are now bringing back the Wispa! Yay!

Now, can we turn our attention to the Toppa? Anyone remember that? I used to buy them from the school tuck box and it was delicious....but I can't find them any more.

funkypancake Author Profile Page said:

but it looks like they are coming back so that's brilliant !


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