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well, here is a thing. the identity of one of my found photos was revealed. i met Boy 34 this evening. He was submitted by a work colleague last December and now appears to work for the same company as me.

Boy 34 this evening:

found photo, december 2003 2002:

a coincidence or made up non-truth ? dunno at this stage ...


Matts said:

Well, if this photograph is indeed from two months in the future then there's something seriously wrong with the space-time continuum.

However, I still believe it is a conspiracy, and no-one is beyond suspicion. Is Dave in on it? Who watches the watchers? I think we should be told.

funkypancake said:

well spotted on the date ! i dunno if i've been duped or not. i hope i haven't but i smell a rat (my wife's cooking one for tea)

funkypancake said:

the truth is out. it's a fake.

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