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why do all car show rooms have balloons and flags and stuff. here is an example. whenever i buy a car i spend months thinking about it, then read all the magazine and reviews. Finally i go to the garage and find which ones they have available second hand and after a few days thinking about it might make a decision.

i'm unlikely to be persuaded 'impulse buy' a car just because they had a few balloons and flags outside the garage (even if they are union jacks).

jane pointed out that the balloons never look flat so the sale people must take them down each night. be great for their kids (unless they hated balloons). "hey it's dad with a load of balloons again" ("aaaargh")



luke said:

Could you please send me some infomation about your cars on show and a couple of car brochures.

Thank you

funkypancake said:

i suggest you approach the garage directly - i don't keep any car brochures myself

Zishan said:

I am doing a coursework about sport cars can you please send me some information about them. I will also need some pictures of cars. Thankyou very much

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