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Before i start. if you are interested in anything really megalothic, visit this site. if you live in the UK buy The Modern Antiquarian book. Visit Avebury and Silbury Hill rather than just Stonehenge.

meanwhile ...

longleat is quite near stonehenge. i posted photos from the journey down previously.

on the way back, jane was driving do i got to take pictures as we whizzed by stonehenge


however, tony, tanya, catherine and anna, who we shared our chalet with in center parcs, went to visit stonehenge on their way home instead of going to longleat.

here is one of tony's pictures:


tony's comments on stonehenge are as follows:

--- ---

A visit to Stonehenge may actually be disappointing.

You are not allowed very near to the stones. The visitors' centre has minimal facilities (loos, a hotdog van and a gift shop) and it costs 5 to enter.

However, you do get a free audio commentary via a hand-held thingy, and you do get different views of the stones than if you just stand by the side of the road.

1. Take a camera with a decent zoom lens;
2. To get a closer look, paint yourself blue and turn up at the summer solstice.

--- ---

This last point is a reference to a story i told tony this afternoon about how I once 'invaded' stonehenge with a load of hippies.

it happened when we drove past stonehenge around 8am one saturday morning and spotted loads of hippies in amongst the stones. for some reason they had chosen Armistis day as the day to enter the stones.

the police were there, but were ok as no one was vandalising the stones. they even told us which bit of the fence to climb over !

i took loads of photos, but the film got ruined by a stupid camera shop opening the back of my old analog camera in the shop before the film had finished thus exposing the film :-(


Tony said:

Tip #2 was actually refering to druids who go to Stonehenge at the summer solstice to do whatever druids do. (I'm not advocating becoming a druid, although painting yourself blue and running around the stones nakes does have some appeal).

Modern day druids are a modern invention and have nothing to do with the ancient people who built Stonehenge. One of their leaders thinks he is the reincarnation of King Arthur - I think he is historically confused. See


Feisty Girl said:

Husband I loved your holiday pictures, and the accompanying wit. Keep it coming!!!

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