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my brother is called edd. we refer to him as 'brother edd'. even esther calls him 'brother edd' which is a good name for an uncle.

this morning brother edd informed me of the following:

"i'm looking for a couple of wedding present albums but all i get is cutlery sets"

it makes you think doesn't it


Well I think that I would like point out I was looking for the albums on ebay.

leE[t] said:

I'm surprised you didn't get any albums by 80's/90's band "The Wedding Present".... or not :)

funkypancake said:

i suspect that's actually what he was trying to do. give my love to kevin by the way (jangle jangle jangle)

leE[t] said:

Ooooh spy how blonde I am!

I thought he was looking for photo albums as wedding presents....

*hangs head in shame*

brother edd said:

O dear

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