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it dawned on me this evening that my life doesn't really get dark anymore. i don't know if it ever did get dark even. everywhere i go is surrounded by either daylight (thanks to the sun) or streetlights (thanks to the local authorities).

however, i went to a place called Swallowfield this evening to deliver a letter. I had written the address on the front. It had a name rather than a number and was in the main street in Swallowfield.

when i arrived it was dark. very dark. they don't have streetlights in swallowfield and non of the houses had illuminated signs ! So i walked up and down the street, up and down people's drive ways in the dark. i scared them any myself half to death.

in the end i gave up and phone directory enquiries and got their phone number and the bloke met me in the street !

but it did make me realise I rarely have to go out in the total dark. i guess half of america & canada realised that last week in the power outages. whatever they do over there always comes over here.