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it's sara's brithday tomorrow so she has brought some cakes today. cake eating in the office is good.
I used to work for an organisation which would shut down for 15 minutes every morning and the whole company would go to a common room and drink tea. they would do the same in the afternoon and drink coffee. it had a really cool laid back atmosphere. they also used to have a company meeting once a week where people prayed for the work of the organisation.

it was over 13 years ago I worked for UCCF. maybe the tea/coffee breaks are gone now ?


rob said:

Cake is good :)

funkypancake said:

mmm. cake is very good.

sara said:

just the old lady bit which is offensive!!!

funkypancake said:

sometimes the truth hurts (that's no lie).

it's called truth-ache i think.

i'm even older, so therefore even wiser.

iain said:

I didn't get any cake. It's not fair.

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