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i walked past two Pop Idol Talent Box vans today. Not a clue what it means but they looked good head-to-head.


UPDATE: more info on a teenage pop idol here

UPDATE2: i went to a wedding of a pop idol finalist. see here


Sophie Dees said:

this show is fantastic and funny but wat about all the young kids with talent just like older adults i was thinking a junior pop idol for young talent it may not as big as proper pop idol but kids deserve a chance aswel as an adult well thats my oppinion well thanks for listening bye from Sophie Dees.

funkypancake said:

thanks for your comments sophie !

Ellisiv Clarke said:

I am very talented at singing and would like to join as soon as possible.

Ellisiv Clarke .8 years old.

Nicky said:

I'm 14 and it is my dream to become a singer/song writer. I agree with Sophie, Children should also be given the opportunity to become pop idols, there should be a junior pop idol for the under 16's!!

Gemma said:

Hi. I am a cery talented singer and I know loads of people who are too but us 14 and 16 year old aren't getting a chance to show how good we are too! Please do A Junior Pop Idol!

Gemma said:

Hi. I agree with all the singers on this page. There should be a Junior Pop Idol because I have been on almost all the record company web pages and none of them accept demo tapes so how are we suppost to be noticed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Texas T-Bone said:

Good grief.

I'm 30 and have been told I have a lovely singing voice, especially when I'm belting out hymns in church. I think there needs to be a Geezer Idol.

Jack Pugh said:

Yes please make a junior pop idol, i am 12 and would love 2 b on television!!!!

yer reekin said:

Hi i'm 14 years old and have been singing for over a year. I think that us young people should be given a chance to hit the screens aswell as the others.

sophie said:

i totally agree with a junior pop idol, it would do so well, and every1 wud wanna watch it, i would love to go on it as i love singing and have been doing it since i was tiny, we shud learn to write songs too.

Shelli said:

Yes i agree. im from scotland n we kids neva get a chance!

i really want to become a singer said:

hi i totaly agree with every1'z comments.If there ever is a teenage pop idol then would 11 year olds be able to go?and the other thing is that there is lots of people out there that tho=ink they can sing but there is somepeople out there that really can sing but no one gives those people a chance.~*~thank you~*~.

i really want to become a singer said:


Applebeam said:

Hi all!

It seems there is a lot of burning ambition on these boards. I wanted to point out a few tips on how to approach the game of 'becoming a singer'.

I run a studio in London where we take rough ideas from singers, some who have never recorded a song before. We then create the music and record a demo for them.

After that they tend to get lost. They leave the studio not really knowing what to do with it - it is this subject that I have writen a few words on at my studio site. You can read the article here:


Thanks and good luck!

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