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inside have two colour chessman.  Two persons can play together atthe same time and this playcan let you enjoy yourself.

translated from your original latin i think.

i got this from a secret santa at a midwinter christmas party last weekend.  excellent stuff.









ah.  the classic combo.  chess and beach tennis


i had yesterday off work as we were expecting builders to start work (now delayed 2 weeks - ho hum).  since jane was at work and the girls don't start back at school until tomorrow we went off adventuring, which involved ten pin bowling.

kezia beat esther, and in classic 'loser is the chooser' mode she chose air hockey as the follow up gain which she won.  'winner chooses dinner' meant we dined like kings chez McD's before heading home to watch ponkyhonta 2 on VHS (retro).  which wasn't as tearful for the watchers as ponky 1.

on the subject of old fashioned technology we scoured the second hand shops for Playstation 1 games as the girls favourite one departed at the same time as our house guests last week much to their sadness (tears for that too!).  A man in computer shop said "sorry, we don't do retro games". Esther said "don't worry dad, we don't have the latest computer games but we do have lots of adventures" which is good to know.


remember cheese jenga ?  this is ham jenga

cousin mike and catherine play cheese charades on long journeys.  i got to play cheese jenga at a drinks reception.


we've played a lot of rummikub this year.  it really is a classic game for all the family.  top xmas present tip for you perhaps ?


here's ben from church and two pointy fingers.

our lovely friends clive, heather and elaine came round yesterday for sunday lunch.  later in the afternoon clive and heather played rummikub with esther and me.

to start in rummikub you need to make groups or runs of 30 points from the tiles in your hand.  heather was having trouble getting to the 30 and as the game went on it was clear she had a bad hand.  it was only when there were only two more tiles on the table to pick up that we realised quite how bad it was (and at that point i won).

Is this the worst rummikub hand ever ?






jane's family play a game called hoppitty when on the beach. in modern days it's become a high speed game (as seen here last easter)


here is jane's auntie barb is seen here playing hoppitty in more sedate times. jane's mum is wearing the sunhat and pigtails. the other person is cousin Bobbyand it was taken on holiday at Trearddur Bay in 1948


And this photo is of Jane's great grandfather, a Dr Jackson, on a Newquay family holiday in 1927


how fantastic to have a family game which has spun the generations (with photographic proof to prove it)

what's this fancy street witting all about ? hopskotch 2.0 for the new generation ?




do you know how to play hoppity ? i didn't and still don't. jane does though. and so do the girls.



the answer is below in the comments ! well done mr exile sir.

i hadn't played cluedo for yonks, but sil-binky suggested we played on new year's day night. despite poo-pooing the idea (not very kind of me i know) i actually sort of enjoyed it. a bit.


esther organised some games for her sister and visiting cousins. i thought you might like to see the phonetic running order


someone has actually put a real monopoly hotel on this street.

i stopped (to take this picture) but i didn't pay


jane is hiding in the wood. can you see her ? kezia couldn't.


don't wake dad as featured on Amazon's Toys (5-8 Years)


esther played draughts for the first time this evening. we had to look up the instructions on the interweb as i couldn't remember how to play either.

esther actually turned out to be a pretty strategic player and i think i'm going to have to make the most of winning the next few games as she'll soon outwit me.



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